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Join us in SOAKing up the Rain

Throughout New Hampshire, neighbors are planting rain gardens, using rain barrels, planting trees, and finding other ways to Soak Up the Rain to protect and restore clean water in their local lakes, streams, and estuaries. Explore this site to learn how you can Soak Up the Rain too.

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We had a fantastic Rain Garden Plant Workshop yesterday in Greenland…

4 days ago

Its Here! Soak NH Rain Garden Video!

6 days ago

Mill Pond RD

Rain Garden Install 9/21/15

2 weeks ago

We’re SOAKing up Pollution

We’re soaking up runoff everywhere. See how much water pollution SOAK projects have prevented.

Goal: Soak up 250,000 gallons of stormwater by the end of 2015!

(or about 9 in-ground swimming pools)

140k 162k 184k 206k 228k 250k

SOAKed to Date:
Runoff: 242,982 gals
Sediment: 11,696 lbs
Phosphorus: 4.06 lbs
Nitrogen: 7.82 lbs

You can help us reach our goal. See how.

See where we’re SOAKing up the Rain

Click on the map to see where the SOAK program and its partners are reducing stormwater pollution.