What is a Stormwater Solution?

Posted by Administrator in on January 1, 2014

A stormwater solution or stormwater practice is a simple, attractive, and effective way for property owners to enhance their properties while protecting the water quality of nearby lakes, streams, and coastal waters. The Soak Up the Rain (SOAK) program encourages using the nine stormwater practices described in the New Hampshire Homeowners Guide to Stormwater Management.

Stormwater solutions capture runoff from roofs, driveways, patios, and even lawns and infiltrate it (allow it to soak into the ground) through stone reservoirs, natural soils, or filter media. The plants and soils filter and remove stormwater pollutants, which prevents pollution from entering nearby surface waters. Infiltrating the runoff reduces the volume of stormwater leaving the property. This helps to reduce erosion and local flooding, reduce the burden of too much runoff entering municipal stormwater drainage systems, and increase ground water recharge.

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